Internet has become an integral part of people’s life. Despite the advantages that Internet brings, misuse and abuse also leads to social problems, such as Internet addiction, digital divide, information safety concerns, privacy issues and violation of copyrights. These have stirred up public debate on how to educate our youth in maintaining the right attitude and ethics in the cyber-reality.

Following the core vision of the United Nations’ Internet Governance Forum, the Youth Internet Governance Forum Camp 2010 is an open platform dedicated for young people who care about the Internet, to voice their opinions on how to build a better digital world together.

The focus of Youth Internet Governance is Hong Kong’s next generation. Joining the YIGF gives you a chance to understand relevant topics from industry leaders, and to lead the global discussion among International stakeholders, to build a healthy and harmonious cyber world together.


「網絡管治青年論壇2010」正是仿傚聯合國所舉辦的世界性網絡管治論壇(Internet Governance Forum),銳意提供討論平台,集合關心互聯網的人士,為建立更好的數碼世界而努力。而「網絡管治青年論壇2010」的主角將是香港新一代,讓青年率先研習有關課題,帶領整個討論,與本地及國際的持份者攜手建立一個健康而和諧的數碼世界。